A Small Finish, A WIP and a New Start

I have been trying to post all day. Something very odd is going on. All of my computers, my phone and my printer will not work right today. Now the TV volume is going loud and low. I think the mercury retrograde has landed in my house, grrr.
Anyhow, gosh, it's been a month today since I had a quilt finish! I needed to do something that made me feel like I can actually accomplish something, so I made a cell phone wristlet.

I had a few scraps from my Nordika quilt (that still isn't finished). I just love Jeni Baker's fabrics. I have gotten all of her lines so far. The colors are just so bright and fun!

I think I may use this for my camera, I haven't quite decided yet what I will do with it :)

Awhile back I won this bundle from Camelot Fabrics.
I have been wanting to brave making a quilt with bold colors without adding any white. I use a lot of white! I also have been wanting to make a log cabinish type quilt. So I decided, what the heck! I made one block and almost stopped. All the colors thrown together look a bit overwhelming to me, not my usual for sure.

I decided to just get on with it, good or bad. I have the top finished, the back pieced, the quilt basted and some quilting done. It's just one of those projects I got tired of looking at so I set it aside for the moment. I am going to donate this to Quilts For Kids. The ask for bright colors so I guess they will be getting that!

I started cutting for a new quilt today, one I'm going to love!

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Craftsy Class Sale

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 Craftsy is having a sale on classes thru Sept. 15th. I have heard great things about the free motion quilting classes and I think I'm going to try one. This is something I REALLY want to master! If you are unfamiliar with Craftsy, they have many free classes too that are wonderful, if you would like to try before you buy :) There's a link on my side bar to the free classes as well.

Best-selling Craftsy classes are on sale for one week only! Save up to 50% off on Sewing, Quilting & Knitting classes taught by some of the world's best instructors. Once you purchase a class, it's yours to enjoy forever. Every class comes with a money-back satisfaction guarantee!

Happy sewing!


Indian Summer

Have you ever started something that you thought would be one of your easiest and fastest projects... to have it take forever?  That's kinda what happened here. I bought this Indian Summer by Sarah Watson for Art Gallery Fabrics from Vintage Fairytale over a year ago. The minute I saw them they reminded me of my sister, so I bought some fat quarters. It was supposed to be for her birthday last year, and then this year. It's a couple weeks late...but it's done :) 

I used this simple tutorial from John Adams aka Quilt Dad, you can find it here. I thought the design was a good fit for the southwestern fabrics. I did make one change from the tutorial. I only trimmed my half square triangles to 8 inches instead of the 7 it called for. It seemed like a waste of fabric so my quilt ended up bigger than the tutorial. I believe mine finished at 60 x 75.

This took much longer than it should have, mainly because I just wasn't feeling well again. Then I got to the back and nothing went as planned either. I did not have enough Pure Elements Snow left to do what I wanted. Sooo, I had to piece more than I wanted to. I used every last scrap of the white I had left except one small rectangle. I purchased the circle print from The Intrepid Thread for part of the backing. The back looked funny and I wasn't liking it at all. There was a big empty space at the top. I have been wanting to try making my own labels for a more personal touch on gift quilts, so I did! 

And I stuck it right up there in that dead space. Who says labels have to go on the bottom corner?! I always love Kelly's labels and this is what I based mine off of. I did learn to make sure you leave plenty of space between your writing and your label border, or it will look bad, like mine does.

It was a lot harder to write on the fabric than I thought it would be, so mine's kind of sloppy but it was my last piece of white and I knew my sister wouldn't mind :) I used the Pigma Micron 01 and I think I may like a little bit bigger tip as well. This pen is great though, even after ironing over it, it never changed the ink a bit. I definitely recommend it! And I tried something new, yay for me!

Binding is one of my favorite parts of making a quilt, it comes easy for me. This is probably one of my worst binding jobs as far as stitching the last side down. It got a bit too far from the edge. My vision goes out the window when I'm not feeling well, so it took me way too long to finish this part too. But again, I knew she would not mind my imperfections :) I planned to do all diagonal straight lines in the direction of the arrows but my eyes weren't having that either! So I just quilted it wherever I saw fit and called it good.
I'm just glad this is done and I can get it in the mail finally. The colors in this fabric are so pretty, I really love them!

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Are You Aware?

I have been meaning to do this post for awhile now. After even more frustration in my email boxes, it is time. I haven't seen many bloggers talking about this, which surprises me.
Some time ago I mentioned I was not getting email notification of some comments on my blog. Susan from The Bored Zombie kindly offered to help. I am not very tech savy, thank you Susan! She attempted to explain and I got most of it but will not even try to convey her wisdom :)
What it boils down to is this. I use yahoo mail, and I am not getting any notifications of comments on my blog that are from another yahoo user. Also, when I comment on any of your blogs and you are a yahoo user, you aren't seeing my comments either. This is SO frustrating because replying to comments is very important to me! Yes, we can comment directly on the post, but how many people ever go back to check if you replied?
Another blogger commented about this on Facebook asking for help. She is a hotmail user. I told her to check if the problem was from other hotmail users. Sure enough it was! I don't know if this is happening with all email servers or not.
I really have no words of wisdom or what to do about this. I just wanted you all to be aware that you may not be getting notification of all your comments. And others may not realize you have left them a comment. If anyone else has this problem or an answer, please share with us! I am curious as well to know if this is happening in gmail?? I bet if some of you check your emails for delivery failure notices (some go in my spam too), that you will discover the same problem. When I get a comment from a yahoo user, I do not even get it in spam. The only way to see these comments is if I am browsing through my posts. So you will not realize they are there unless you are at your post. I only get delivery failure notices of comments I leave on a blog that uses yahoo as well.
Now the past few weeks, all of my emails from blogs that I subscribe to by email are going to spam. Every.Single.One. Anything quilt related goes straight to spam, ACK! So I have to make sure I sort out all my spam every day too. Even if I mark them as not spam, they still continue to fall into my spam folder. I'm really fed up with yahoo. I've had the same email for eons and I don't want the hassle of changing everything that is attached to it, but I'm getting real close to that point!
I would love it if anyone that has gmail would chime in on this post and let me know if they are experiencing this also. I'm curious if comment notifications from one gmail user to another are being received.
Thanks and keep your eyes open for comments you don't know are there!


Vintage Frogs

My floral/Briar Rose baby quilt is done and I LOVE it!

Light colored quilts are hard for me to photograph. I'm wishing I would have gotten the Canon Rebel, but I chickened out on spending so much on a camera, oh well!

I was ready for another simple squares quilt, they are my favorite. I have been collecting florals as I find them on sale. Mostly from my love of the quilts at Pretty Little Quilts and Quilting In The Rain
I bought some from Quilt Fabric Closeouts, they are the Shabby prints. Some came from one of my trips to SAS fabrics in Phoenix. There are three darker prints in there that I got at Fort Worth Fabric Studio, they matched with the Briar Rose backing so well.

I had originally bought the lilac bee print for binding to go with the Frog Pond backing but it just didn't work with the front of this quilt. Instead, I used a print called Pristine from Robert Kaufman. This is my favorite floral print that I had saved, it is SO pretty and soft. I found that at The Quilted Castle. Sorry for all the links but I've had readers thank me for including shop links :)

 I thought the Frog Pond print from the Briar Rose by Heather Ross for Windham Fabrics was so cute. The other prints I wasn't sold on (even though they're all cute), so I just purchased a piece for a baby quilt backing at The Intrepid Thread awhile back when Julie had a sale. I was nervous about pairing it with the florals but in my opinion, it worked! 

I just love the cute little frogs, Heather Ross prints are just so darn irresistible!

This quilt is made up of squares finishing at 3 inches and laid out in a 13 x 14 pattern. It measures 38.5 x 41. I don't often name my quilts but I thought Vintage Frogs was a cute fit for this one! 

 I suppose if you don't care for flowery fabrics, you don't love this quilt as much as I do but this is one of my very favorites so far!
Thanks for dropping by, have a good week everyone :)
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Giveaway Winner

Well the odds were pretty good on this one! With only 10 entries, random.org picked number 8.

I had to take a picture of the draw with my phone, I'm a little tech challenged sometimes :)
The winner happens to be Zenia, who was the one to point out my blog had a birthday! When I scrolled down to number 8 and saw it was her, it was kind of ironic :) Thanks everyone and I will get these sent off to you Zenia. I will be emailing you shortly for your address, congrats!


WIP And A Giveaway!

I really loved the frog pond print from the Heather Ross Briar Rose collection for Windham.


The other prints didn't really call to me so much. Awhile back I ordered the lilac frog pond for a baby quilt backing and the lilac bee print for binding.

 I wasn't sure what I would do with it. I Have also been picking up pieces of different florals as I see them on sale. All the beautiful quilts being made over at Quilting In The Rain got me on the lookout for florals. I decided to make a simple patchwork squares quilt to go along with the Briar Rose pieces. Patchwork squares truly are my favorite still :) This should be done by the end of the week.

A reader pointed out to me that my blog had turned 1 at the end of July. I hadn't even thought about it, so thanks Zenia! I am very grateful for all your friendships and my followers! I have met such awesome people since my quilting journey started. I truly am thankful for all your help, knowledge and kind words :) I purchased a little something from Vintage Fairytale as a way of saying thanks. She still has some great sales by the way! (no affiliation) It's not a lot, but I'm offering 5 mini charm packs to one lucky reader.

I love mini charms and hope you do too! I like to get them and then have something to reference if I need a binding or backing etc. When they are no longer needed, they are great for runners, bags or other great little gifts. So if you would like to be included, leave me a comment, anything will do. If you need an idea, I would love to know if you like modern quilts, traditional quilts, or like me, and love them all! I will close the giveaway on Sunday, August 17th at 8 PM MDT. I will choose a winner with random number app. Good luck and thank you all! Giveaway is now closed.